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The American natives worshipped wolves like gods and affectionately used to call them "Brother Wolf". Their lives were closely related to nature and animals, and the natives believed that wolves would watch over the paths the dead walk on and clean their souls with water. Spirits purified like this were then allowed to go to the happy hunting ground.


By now, wolves have been thought to be extinct for more than 100 years! As a result of the untrue idea of the "evil wolf" these animals were hounded and hunted. Step by step, their habitat was destroyed. But there is hope: recently, wolf traces have been found here and there in Austria.  


YLVA wants to play a part in ensuring that wolves are being seen as the graceful animals they actually are and make the horror stories part of the past. Therefore, YLVA provides photos and information about these animals on facebook.


Aiming to help and promote wolves, YLVA donates 1 Euro of each product sold to the Wolf Science Center based in Lower Austria. Among other things, the Science Center researches on the relationships between wolves, dogs, and humans. It strives to provide the public with objective information about wolves and dogs and how to keep and rear them in a species-appropriate way. The Wolf Science Center closely cooperates with the University of Vienna and the University of Veterinary Medicine Vienna. 

Its most beautiful wildlife park is the home of several packs of Canadian gray wolves (Canis lupus occidentalis) and mongrels. 

Please find the photos of our visit to the Wolf Science Center on:

For more information about the Wolf Science Center, please visit

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